Applied Physics Letters -- 7 April 2008, Volume 92, Issue 14
LA eng
TE Low residual doping level in homoepitaxially grown ZnO layers
AU I.C.Robin, A.Ribeaud, S.Brochen, G.Feuillet, P.Ferret,
   H.Mariette, D.Ehrentraut, and T.Fukuda
PP 141101(3)
LA eng
TE CW lasing of current injection blue GaN-based vertical cavity
   surface emitting laser
AU Tien-Chang Lu, Chih-Chiang Kao, Hao-Chung Kuo, Gen-Sheng Huang,
   and Shing-Chung Wang
PP 141102(3)
LA eng
TE Experimental demonstration of multiwatt continuous-wave
   supercontinuum tailoring in photonic crystal fibers
AU A.Kudlinski, G.Bouwmans, Y.Quiquempois, and A.Mussot
PP 141103(3)
LA eng
TE Improvement of light extraction from GaN-based thin-film
   light-emitting diodes by patterning undoped GaN using modified
   laser lift-off
AU Kui Bao, Xiang Ning Kang, Bei Zhang, Tao Dai, Yong Jian Sun,
   Qiang Fu, Gui Jun Lian, Guang Cheng Xiong, Guo Yi Zhang, and
   Yong Chen
PP 141104(3)
LA eng
TE Line-narrowed, compact, and coherent source of widely tunable
   terahertz radiation
AU D.J.M.Stothard, T.J.Edwards, D.Walsh, C.L.Thomson, C.F.Rae,
   M.H.Dunn, and P.G.Browne
PP 141105(3)
LA eng
TE Wavelength tuning limitations in optically pumped type-II
   antimonide lasers
AU A.P.Ongstad, R.Kaspi, G.C.Dente, M.L.Tilton, R.Barresi, and
PP 141106(3)
LA eng
TE Optical biosensor based on whispering gallery mode excitations
   in clusters of microparticles
AU Alexandre Francois and Michael Himmelhaus
PP 141107(3)
LA eng
TE Steady state photoinduced absorption of PbS quantum dots film
AU Jian Zhang and Xiaomei Jiang
PP 141108(3)
LA eng
TE Bioinspired broadband antireflection coatings on GaSb
AU Wei-Lun Min, Amaury P.Betancourt, Peng Jiang, and Bin Jiang
PP 141109(3)
LA eng
TE Reduction of spacer layer thickness of InAs quantum dots using
   GaNAs strain compensation layer
AU Ryoichiro Suzuki, Tomoyuki Miyamoto, Tomoyuki Sengoku, and
   Fumio Koyama
PP 141110(3)
LA eng
TE Wide wavelength tuning of GaAs/Al_{x}Ga_{1-x}As
   bound-to-continuum quantum cascade lasers by aluminum content
AU J.Heinrich, R.Langhans, M.S.Vitiello, G.Scamarcio, D.Indjin,
   C.A.Evans, Z.Ikonic', P.Harrison, S.Hoefling, and A.Forchel
PP 141111(3)
LA eng
TE Infrared quantum cutting in Tb^{3+},Yb^{3+} codoped transparent
   glass ceramics containing CaF_{2} nanocrystals
AU Song Ye, Bin Zhu, Jingxin Chen, Jin Luo, and Jian Rong Qiu
PP 141112(3)
LA eng
TE Highly efficient surface enhanced Raman scattering using
   microstructured optical fibers with enhanced plasmonic
AU Anna C.Peacock, Adrian Amezcua-Correa, Jixin Yang,
   Pier J.A.Sazio, and Steven M.Howdle
PP 141113(3)
LA eng
TE Thermal emission of two-color polarized infrared waves from
   integrated plasmon cavities
AU H.T.Miyazaki, K.Ikeda, T.Kasaya, K.Yamamoto, Y.Inoue,
   K.Fujimura, T.Kanakugi, M.Okada, K.Hatade, and S.Kitagawa
PP 141114(3)
LA eng
TE Hybridized surface plasmon polaritons at an interface between a
   metal and a uniaxial crystal
AU Rui Li, Chen Cheng, Fang-Fang Ren, Jing Chen, Ya-Xian Fan,
   Jianping Ding, and Hui-Tian Wang
PP 141115(3)
LA eng
TE Properties of ceramic honeycomb cathodes
AU M.Friedman, M.C.Myers, Y.Chan, and J.D.Sethian
PP 141501(3)
LA eng
TE Angular distribution of isothermal expansions of
   non-quasi-neutral plasmas into a vacuum
AU Huang Yongsheng, Duan Xiaojiao, Shi Yijin, Lan Xiaofei,
   Tan Zhixin, Wang Naiyan, Tang Xiuzhang, and He Yexi
PP 141502(3)
LA eng
TE Velocity distribution of neutral species during magnetron
   sputtering by Fabry-Perot interferometry
AU N.Britun, J.G.Han, and S.-G.Oh
PP 141503(3)
LA eng
TE Energetic ion acceleration with a non-Maxwellian hot-electron
AU Yongsheng Huang, Yuanjie Bi, Xiaojiao Duan, Xiaofei Lan,
   Naiyan Wang, Xiuzhang Tang, and Yexi He
PP 141504(3)
LA eng
TE Recovery of elastic constant of ultrathin Cu films by low
   temperature annealing
AU N.Nakamura, H.Ogi, T.Shagawa, and M.Hirao
PP 141901(3)
LA eng
TE Effect of SnO addition on optical absorption of bismuth borate
   glass and photocatalytic property of the crystallized glass
AU Hirokazu Masai, Takumi Fujiwara, and Hiroshi Mori
PP 141902(3)
LA eng
TE An integrated method to determine melting temperatures in
   high-pressure laser-heating experiments
AU Laura Robin Benedetti, Daniele Antonangeli, Daniel L.Farber, and
   Mohamed Mezouar
PP 141903(3)
LA eng
TE Are there stable long-range ordered Fe_{1-x}Cr_{x} compounds?
AU Paul Erhart, Babak Sadigh, and Alfredo Caro
PP 141904(3)
LA eng
TE Effects of AlAs interfacial layer on material and optical
   properties of GaAs/Ge(100) epitaxy
AU C.K.Chia, J.R.Dong, D.Z.Chi, A.Sridhara, A.S.W.Wong, M.Suryana,
   G.K.Dalapati, S.J.Chua, and S.J.Lee
PP 141905(3)
LA eng
TE Thulium-based bulk metallic glass
AU H.B.Yu, P.Yu, W.H.Wang, and H.Y.Bai
PP 141906(3)
LA eng
TE Desorption-induced first-order phase transition in a
   cyano-bridged compound
AU Y.Moritomo, F.Nakada, H.Kamioka, J.E.Kim, and M.Takata
PP 141907(3)
LA eng
TE Effects of crystalline morphology on the tensile properties of
   electrospun polymer nanofibers
AU C.T.Lim, E.P.S.Tan, and S.Y.Ng
PP 141908(3)
LA eng
TE Innovative surface acoustic wave sensor for accurate measurement
   of subatmospheric pressure
AU P.Nicolay, O.Elmazria, F.Sarry, L.Bouvot, N.Marche, and H.Kambara
PP 141909(2)
LA eng
TE The influence of nitrogen plasma treatment on the lattice
   vibrational properties of hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods
AU H.Q.Le, S.Tripathy, and S.J.Chua
PP 141910(3)
LA eng
TE Structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films by rf
   magnetron sputtering with rapid thermal annealing
AU N.A.Suvorova, I.O.Usov, L.Stan, R.F.DePaula, A.M.Dattelbaum,
   Q.X.Jia, and A.A.Suvorova
PP 141911(3)
LA eng
TE Suppression of near-edge optical absorption band in sputter
   deposited HfO_{2}-Al_{2}O_{3} nanolaminates containing
   nonmonoclinic HfO_{2}
AU E.E.Hoppe and C.R.Aita
PP 141912(3)
LA eng
TE Indium distribution at the interfaces of (Ga,In)(N,As)/GaAs
   quantum wells
AU E.Luna, F.Ishikawa, P.D.Batista, and A.Trampert
PP 141913(3)
LA eng
TE Pattern evolution due to energetic solid-state diffusion front
   in nanoscale thin film
AU Deeder Aurongzeb
PP 141914(3)
LA eng
TE An approach to the bulk textured Fe_{81}Ga_{19} rods with large
AU J.K.Zhou and J.G.Li
PP 141915(3)
LA eng
TE Near-infrared third-order nonlinearity of PbO-GeO_{2} films
   containing Cu and Cu_{2}O nanoparticles
AU Luis A.Go'mez, F.E.P.dos Santos, A.S.L.Gomes, Cid Arau'jo,
   Luciana R.P.Kassab, and Windson G.Hora
PP 141916(3)
LA eng
TE Characterization of the crystallographic microstructure of the
   stress-induced void in Cu interconnects
AU Hyo-Jong Lee, Heung Nam Han, Jae-Hun Kim, Suk Hoon Kang,
   Yi-Gil Cho, Jeong-Yun Sun, Do Hyun Kim, and Kyu Hwan Oh
PP 141917(3)
LA eng
TE First principles assessment of metal/oxide interface adhesion
AU Yong Jiang, John R.Smith, and Anthony G.Evans
PP 141918(3)
LA eng
TE Atomic arrangements of (Ga_{1-x}Mn_{x})N nanorods grown on
   Al_{2}O_{3} substrates
AU K.H.Lee, J.Y.Lee, J.H.Jung, T.W.Kim, H.C.Jeon, and T.W.Kang
PP 141919(3)
LA eng
TE Direct spectroscopic evidence of self-formed C_{60} inclusions
   in fullerenelike hydrogenated carbon films
AU J.G.Buijnsters, M.Camero, R.Gago, A.R.Landa-Canovas,
   C.Go'mez-Aleixandre, and I.Jime'nez
PP 141920(3)
LA eng
TE Reduction in crystallization time of Sb:Te films through
   addition of Bi
AU R.E.Simpson, D.W.Hewak, P.Fons, J.Tominaga, S.Guerin, and
PP 141921(3)
LA eng
TE Direct electrical observation of spin Hall effect in Bi film
AU Jiyu Fan and Jonghwa Eom
PP 142101(3)
LA eng
TE Field emission enhancement by the quantum structure in an
   ultrathin multilayer planar cold cathode
AU R.Z.Wang, H.Yan, B.Wang, X.W.Zhang, and X.Y.Hou
PP 142102(3)
LA eng
TE Fabrication of heterosensitizer-junction dye-sensitized solar
AU Hyung-Jun Koo, Kyungkon Kim, Nam-Gyu Park, Suyoung Hwang,
   Chanmoo Park, and Chulhee Kim
PP 142103(3)
LA eng
TE Band-gap luminescence of GaP:S shock compressed to 5 GPa
AU P.Grivickas, M.D.McCluskey, and Y.M.Gupta
PP 142104(3)
LA eng
TE Electric field assisted annealing and formation of prominent
   deep-level defect in ion-implanted n-type 4H-SiC
AU J.Wong-Leung and B.G.Svensson
PP 142105(3)
LA eng
TE Evaluation of carrier velocity using time-resolved optical
   second harmonic generation measurement
AU Takaaki Manaka, Motoharu Nakao, Eunju Lim, and Mitsumasa Iwamoto
PP 142106(3)
LA eng
TE Determination of the intrinsic parameters of SnBi_{4}Se_{7} via
   the characterization of electrical properties
AU S.A.Ahmed, A.K.Diab, and A.M.Abdel Hakeem
PP 142107(3)
LA eng
TE Terahertz emission by quantum beating in a modulation doped
   parabolic quantum well
AU L.Bell, J.Rogers, J.N.Heyman, J.D.Zimmerman, and A.C.Gossard
PP 142108(3)
LA eng
TE Role of substrate on the electrical properties of
   SnO_{2}-La_{0.7}Sr_{0.3}MnO_{3} bilayers
AU J.Mona, S.N.Kale, R.J.Choudhary, and D.M.Phase
PP 142109(3)
LA eng
TE Phase transformation behaviors of SiO_{2} doped
   Ge_{2}Sb_{2}Te_{5} films for application in phase change random
   access memory
AU Seung Wook Ryu, Jin Ho Oh, Jong Ho Lee, Byung Joon Choi,
   Won Kim, Suk Kyoung Hong, Cheol Seong Hwang, and Hyeong Joon Kim
PP 142110(3)
LA eng
TE ZnO/polyaniline based inorganic/organic hybrid structure:
   Electrical and photoconductivity properties
AU S.Mridha and D.Basak
PP 142111(3)
LA eng
TE Spin transfer switching and low-field precession in
   exchange-biased spin valve nanopillars
AU M.C.Wu, A.Aziz, D.Morecroft, M.G.Blamire, M.C.Hickey, M.Ali,
   G.Burnell, and B.J.Hickey
PP 142501(3)
LA eng
TE A z-component magnetoresistive sensor
AU F.C.S.da Silva, S.T.Halloran, L.Yuan, and D.P.Pappas
PP 142502(3)
LA eng
TE X-ray absorption study of the electronic structure of Mn-doped
   amorphous Si
AU Li Zeng, A.Huegel, E.Helgren, F.Hellman, C.Piamonteze, and
PP 142503(3)
LA eng
TE Biofunctionalized magnetic nanoparticles for in vitro labeling
   and in vivo locating specific biomolecules
AU C.C.Wu, L.Y.Lin, L.C.Lin, H.C.Huang, Y.F.Yang, Y.B.Liu,
   M.C.Tsai, Y.L.Gao, W.C.Wang, S.W.Hung, S.Y.Yang, H.E.Horng,
   H.C.Yang, W.Y.I.Tseng, H.I.Yeh et al.
PP 142504(3)
LA eng
TE Thermally induced adjacent track erasure in exchange spring media
AU J.Dean, M.A.Bashir, A.Goncharov, G.Hrkac, S.Bance, T.Schrefl,
   A.Cazacu, M.Gubbins, R.W.Lamberton, and D.Suess
PP 142505(3)
LA eng
TE Strong coercivity reduction in perpendicular FePt/Fe bilayers
   due to hard/soft coupling
AU F.Casoli, F.Albertini, L.Nasi, S.Fabbrici, R.Cabassi, F.Bolzoni,
   and C.Bocchi
PP 142506(3)
LA eng
TE Oblique Hanle effect in semiconductor spin transport devices
AU Jing Li, Biqin Huang, and Ian Appelbaum
PP 142507(3)
LA eng
TE Origin of electrically heterogeneous microstructure in CuO from
   scanning tunneling spectroscopy study
AU Sudipta Sarkar, Pradip Kumar Jana, and B.K.Chaudhuri
PP 142901(3)
LA eng
TE Piezoelectric properties and structural phase transitions of
   naturally polarized (Na_{0.75}K_{0.25}Bi)_{0.5}TiO_{3} crystal
AU M.L.Zhao, X.J.Yi, C.L.Wang, J.L.Zhang, J.F.Wang, and J.C.Li
PP 142902(3)
LA eng
TE Effects of grain modification on the dielectric properties of
   A_{0.03}Ti_{0.10}Ni_{0.87}O (A:K^{+},Mg^{2+},Y^{3+}) ceramics
AU Bo Cheng, Yuan-Hua Lin, Ao Mei, Jing-Nan Cai, Ce-Wen Nan, and
   Jinliang He
PP 142903(3)
LA eng
TE Direct high-resolution transmission electron microscopy
   observation of tetragonal nanotwins within the monoclinic M_{C}
   phase of Pb(Mg_{1/3}Nb_{2/3})O_{3}-0.35PbTiO_{3} crystals
AU Somnath Bhattacharyya, J.R.Jinschek, Hu Cao, Yu U.Wang,
   Jiefang Li, and D.Viehland
PP 142904(3)
LA eng
TE High-temperature relaxor cobalt-doped (1-x)BiScO_{3}-xPbTiO_{3}
   piezoelectric ceramics
AU Zhonghua Yao, Hanxing Liu, Yang Liu, Zhaohui Wu, Minghe Cao, and
   Hua Hao
PP 142905(3)
LA eng
TE Complete sets of elastic, dielectric, and piezoelectric
   properties of flux-grown [011]-poled
   Pb(Mg_{1/3}Nb_{2/3})O_{3}-(28-32)% PbTiO_{3} single crystals
AU M.Shanthi, L.C.Lim, K.K.Rajan, and J.Jin
PP 142906(3)
LA eng
TE Strain effect on coercive field of epitaxial barium titanate
   thin films
AU S.Choudhury, Y.L.Li, L.Q.Chen, and Q.X.Jia
PP 142907(3)
LA eng
TE Optical band gap of BiFeO_{3} grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
AU J.F.Ihlefeld, N.J.Podraza, Z.K.Liu, R.C.Rai, X.Xu, T.Heeg,
   Y.B.Chen, J.Li, R.W.Collins, J.L.Musfeldt, X.Q.Pan, J.Schubert,
   R.Ramesh, and D.G.Schlom
PP 142908(3)
LA eng
TE High field tunneling as a limiting factor of maximum energy
   density in dielectric energy storage capacitors
AU Qin Chen, Yong Wang, Xin Zhou, Q.M.Zhang, and Shihai Zhang
PP 142909(3)
LA eng
TE Aging-induced giant recoverable electrostrain in Fe-doped
   0.62Pb(Mg_{1/3}Nb_{2/3})O_{3}-0.38PbTiO_{3} single crystals
AU Zuyong Feng, O.K.Tan, Weiguang Zhu, Yanmin Jia, and Haosu Luo
PP 142910(3)
LA eng
TE Electrical evidence of unstable anodic interface in
   Ru/HfO_{x}/TiN unipolar resistive memory
AU Heng Yuan Lee, Pang Shiu Chen, Tai Yuan Wu, Ching Chiun Wang,
   Pei Jer Tzeng, Cha Hsin Lin, Frederick Chen, Ming-Jinn Tsai, and
   Chenhsin Lien
PP 142911(3)
LA eng
TE High-bendability flexible dye-sensitized solar cell with a
   nanoparticle-modified ZnO-nanowire electrode
AU C.Y.Jiang, X.W.Sun, K.W.Tan, G.Q.Lo, A.K.K.Kyaw, and D.L.Kwong
PP 143101(3)
LA eng
TE Impact of template variations on shape and arrangement of Si/Ge
   quantum dot arrays
AU C.Dais, H.H.Solak, E.Mueller, and D.Gruetzmacher
PP 143102(3)
LA eng
TE Frequency modulated torsional resonance mode atomic force
   microscopy on polymers
AU Ayhan Yurtsever, Alexander M.Gigler, Christian Dietz, and
   Robert W.Stark
PP 143103(3)
LA eng
TE Transition from anomalous kinetics toward Fickian diffusion for
   Si dissolution into amorphous Ge
AU Zolta'n Balogh, Zolta'n Erde'lyi, Dezsoe L.Beke,
   Ga'bor A.Langer, Attila Csik, Hans-Gerd Boyen, Ulf Wiedwald,
   Paul Ziemann, Alain Portavoce, and Christophe Girardeaux
PP 143104(3)
LA eng
TE Photoresponses and memory effects in organic thin film
   transistors incorporating poly(3-hexylthiophene)/CdSe quantum
AU Chen-Chia Chen, Mao-Yuan Chiu, Jeng-Tzong Sheu, and Kung-Hwa Wei
PP 143105(3)
LA eng
TE Syntheses and thermoelectric properties of
   Bi_{2}Te_{3}/Sb_{2}Te_{3} bulk nanocomposites with laminated
AU Y.Q.Cao, X.B.Zhao, T.J.Zhu, X.B.Zhang, and J.P.Tu
PP 143106(3)
LA eng
TE Nanotomography with enhanced resolution using bimodal atomic
   force microscopy
AU C.Dietz, M.Zerson, C.Riesch, A.M.Gigler, R.W.Stark, N.Rehse, and
PP 143107(3)
LA eng
TE Frequency response characteristic of single-walled carbon
   nanotubes as supercapacitor electrode material
AU C.G.Liu, M.Liu, F.Li, and H.M.Cheng
PP 143108(3)
LA eng
TE Unique magnetic coupling between Mn doped stannaspherenes
AU Anil K.Kandalam, Gang Chen, and Puru Jena
PP 143109(3)
LA eng
TE Ring closure of rolled-up Si/Cr nanoribbons
AU Li Zhang, Lixin Dong, and Bradley J.Nelson
PP 143110(3)
LA eng
TE Size-dependent structure transformation from amorphous phase to
AU Jixiang Fang, Hongjun You, Peng Kong, Bingjun Ding, and
   Xiaoping Song
PP 143111(3)
LA eng
TE Polarized photoluminescence and time-resolved photoluminescence
   from single CdS nanosheets
AU T.B.Hoang, L.V.Titova, A.Mishra, L.M.Smith, H.E.Jackson,
   K.-Y.Lee, H.Rho, J.M.Yarrison-Rice, Y.-J.Choi, K.J.Choi, and
PP 143112(3)
LA eng
TE Rashba spin splitting of the minibands of coupled InAs/GaAs
   pyramid quantum dots
AU Xiu-Wen Zhang, Qiang Xu, Wei-Jun Fan, Jun-Wei Luo, Shu-Shen Li,
   and Jian-Bai Xia
PP 143113(3)
LA eng
TE Recrystallization of epitaxial GaN under indentation
AU S.Dhara, C.R.Das, H.C.Hsu, Baldev Raj, A.K.Bhaduri, L.C.Chen,
   K.H.Chen, S.K.Albert, and Ayan Ray
PP 143114(3)
LA eng
TE Isomorphous substitution of AlPO_{4}-5: A density functional
AU H.J.Liu, Y.W.Wen, L.Miao, and J.Shi
PP 143115(3)
LA eng
TE Growth of atomically flat nanofilms and surface superstructures
   of intrinsic liquid alloys
AU Toshiro Yamanaka, Jian-Li Wang, Tadaaki Nagao, Shin Yaginuma,
   Canhua Liu, Andrey V.Tupkalo, and Toshio Sakurai
PP 143116(3)
LA eng
TE Single electron tunneling and Coulomb blockade effect in
   HfAlO/Au nanocrystals/HfAlO trilayer nonvolatile memory structure
AU K.C.Chan, P.F.Lee, and J.Y.Dai
PP 143117(3)
LA eng
TE Configurational, electronic entropies and the thermoelectric
   properties of nanocarbon ensembles
AU Dieter M.Gruen, Paola Bruno, and Ming Xie
PP 143118(3)
LA eng
TE Improved transport and photostability of
   poly(methoxy-ethylexyloxy-phenylenevinilene) polymer thin films
   by boron doped freestanding silicon nanocrystals
AU Vladimir Shvrchek, Hiroyuki Fujiwara, and Michio Kondo
PP 143301(3)
LA eng
TE Thermally stable polymer memory devices based on a pi-conjugated
AU Qi-Dan Ling, En-Tang Kang, Koon-Gee Neoh, Yu Chen,
   Xiao-Dong Zhuang, Chunxiang Zhu, and Daniel Siu Hung Chan
PP 143302(3)
LA eng
TE Tin (IV) phthalocyanine oxide: An air-stable semiconductor with
   high electron mobility
AU De Song, Feng Zhu, Bo Yu, Lizhen Huang, Yanhou Geng, and
   Donghang Yan
PP 143303(3)
LA eng
TE Increasing the noise margin in organic circuits using dual gate
   field-effect transistors
AU M.Spijkman, E.C.P.Smits, P.W.M.Blom, Leeuw,
   Y.Bon Saint Co^me, S.Setayesh, and E.Cantatore
PP 143304(3)
LA eng
TE Solid-state organic laser using self-written active waveguide
   with in-line Fabry-Pe'rot cavity
AU K.Yamashita, A.Kitanobou, M.Ito, E.Fukuzawa, and K.Oe
PP 143305(3)
LA eng
TE Hysteresis-free organic field-effect transistors and inverters
   using photocrosslinkable poly(vinyl cinnamate) as a gate
AU Jaeyoung Jang, Se Hyun Kim, Sooji Nam, Dae Sung Chung,
   Chanwoo Yang, Won Min Yun, Chan Eon Park, and Jae Bon Koo
PP 143306(3)
LA eng
TE Highly efficient organic solar cells with printable low-cost
   transparent contacts
AU Erik Ahlswede, Wolfgang Muehleisen,
   Mohd Wahinuddin bin Moh Wahi, Jonas Hanisch, and Michael Powalla
PP 143307(3)
LA eng
TE Two-step exciton dissociation in
   poly(3-hexylthiophene)/fullerene heterojunctions
AU Matthew T.Lloyd, Yee-Fun Lim, and George G.Malliaras
PP 143308(3)
LA eng
TE A nearly ideal phosphor-converted white light-emitting diode
AU Steven C.Allen and Andrew J.Steckl
PP 143309(3)
LA eng
TE Fluorine containing C_{60} derivatives for high-performance
   electron transporting field-effect transistors and integrated
AU Paul H.Woebkenberg, James Ball, Donal D.C.Bradley,
   Thomas D.Anthopoulos, Floris Kooistra, Jan C.Hummelen, and
   Dago Leeuw
PP 143310(3)
LA eng
TE Tuning of Ag work functions by self-assembled monolayers of
   aromatic thiols for an efficient hole injection for solution
   processed triisopropylsilylethynyl pentacene organic thin film
AU Jung-Pyo Hong, Aee-Young Park, Seonghoon Lee, Jihoon Kang,
   Nayool Shin, and Do Y.Yoon
PP 143311(3)
LA eng
TE Nickel oxide-induced crystallization of silicon for use in thin
   film transistors with a SiN_{x} diffusion filter
AU Jong-Yeon Kim, Jin-Woo Han, Jeong-Min Han, Young-Hwan Kim,
   Byeong-Yun Oh, Byoung-Yong Kim, Sang-Keuk Lee, and Dae-Shik Seo
PP 143501(3)
LA eng
TE In situ electron holographic analysis of biased Si n^{+}-p
AU Myung-Geun Han, David J.Smith, and Martha R.McCartney
PP 143502(3)
LA eng
TE Low-power dihexylquaterthiophene-based thin film transistors for
   analog applications
AU Dana A.Serban, Valeria Kilchytska, A.Vlad, Ana Martin-Hoyas,
   B.Nysten, A.M.Jonas, Y.H.Geerts, R.Lazzaroni, V.Bayot,
   D.Flandre, and S.Melinte
PP 143503(3)
LA eng
TE Low vacuum process for polymer solar cells: Effect of TiO_{x}
AU Sang Jun Yoon, Jong Hyeok Park, Hang Ken Lee, and O.Ok Park
PP 143504(3)
LA eng
TE Polarization resolved luminescence in asymmetric n-type
   GaAs/AlGaAs resonant tunneling diodes
AU L.F.dos Santos, Y.Galva~o Gobato, V.Lopez-Richard, G.E.Marques,
   M.J.S.P.Brasil, M.Henini, and R.J.Airey
PP 143505(3)
LA eng
TE Modeling and simulation for dye-sensitized solar cells
AU Virginia Yong, Seng-Tiong Ho, and Robert P.H.Chang
PP 143506(3)
LA eng
TE Properties of InAs metal-oxide-semiconductor structures with
   atomic-layer-deposited Al_{2}O_{3} Dielectric
AU Ning Li, Eric S.Harmon, James Hyland, David B.Salzman, T.P.Ma,
   Yi Xuan, and P.D.Ye
PP 143507(3)
LA eng
TE Optical behaviors of ZnO-porphyrin conjugates and their
   potential applications for cancer treatment
AU Yuanfang Liu, Yongbin Zhang, Shaopeng Wang, Carey Pope, and
   Wei Chen
PP 143901(3)
LA eng
TE Electrical characterization of DNA molecules in solution using
   impedance measurements
AU Yi-Shao Liu, Padmapriya P.Banada, Shantanu Bhattacharya,
   Arun K.Bhunia, and Rashid Bashir
PP 143902(3)
LA eng
TE Solder joints fabricated by explosively reacting nanolayers
AU M.S.Tong, D.Sturgess, K.N.Tu, and J.M.Yang
PP 144101(3)
LA eng
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